Tractor Tire, Electric Motor, Mound of Corn, Programmed Electronics
"Grain Thrower" is a sculptural installation that serves as a critique of the profit-driven realities of modern commodity production. Suspended from the gallery ceiling, a large tractor tire hovers above a 300lb mound of corn, steadily descending over the course of seven days using an engine hoist. The tire's periodic spinning scatters the large pile of corn, rendering this machine’s only use to dismantle. As the installation progresses, the corn pile diminishes, revealing a landscape transformed by this machine where the corn is now scattered across.
Through its clever combination of materials, motion, and irony, "Grain Thrower" prompts viewers to confront the contradictions and consequences of an industry focused on economic gain. This machine, thoughtfully engineered, provides an inefficient solution to an already inefficient problem, inviting critical reflection on the unsustainable practices and ethical dilemmas inherent in agriculture's relentless pursuit of profit.
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