White Wood Picket Fence, Caution Paint, Car Headlights, Programmed Electronics
"My Fence, My Yard" delves into the themes of safety, fear, and the relentless pursuit of personal property within the context of American influence and individualism. The artwork depicts a six-foot section of an American picket fence adorned with caution stripes and flashing headlights that serve as an emblem closely associated with suburban safety and the notion of claiming and protecting one's territory.
The title encapsulates the underlying meaning of the sculpture. It reflects the possessive nature of American individualism and the strong emphasis on personal property ownership. This phrase embodies the idea that within the pursuit of the American dream, there exists an unwavering desire to delineate and safeguard one's boundaries, often at the expense of broader social concerns. 
The picket fence, as the primary material, undergoes a transformation through the application of caution paint in white and orange stripes. The use of caution paint, traditionally employed as a warning sign, imbues the fence with a sense of potential danger, alerting viewers to the risks associated with crossing the boundaries set by itself on the landscape. Embedded within the fence structure are two car headlights, positioned to flash intermittently, much like the blinding glare of headlights on the road. These headlights evoke a sense of urgency and unease, reminiscent of the warnings issued by drivers flashing their brights as a signal to warn of danger. 

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