Lithium “Red n Tacky” Grease, Asphalt Shingles, Windshield Wiper Mechanism
This dynamic sculptural work delves into the themes of safety, desire, and the realization of how those are obtained through the systems present within Americana.  The artwork ironically references the patriotic quote “​​Our Flag Does Not Fly Because the Wind Moves It, It Flies With the Last Breath of Each Soldier Who Died Protecting It”, investigating which freedoms are granted under this interpretation of the flag and the pursuit of petroleum for economic gain.
The sculpture depicts a small section of a suburban roof, adorned with asphalt shingles commonly found in residential neighborhoods. Within the cutout section of the roof, a windshield wiper mechanism extends outward. The windshield wiper, marked with cut-out stripes reminiscent of the American flag, moves back and forth over the roof section smearing a red lithium grease across its landscape. This choice of material underscores the reliance on foreign petroleum for domestic comfort and the realization of the desires promised under the American dream. 
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