PVC Missile Body, Bowling Ball, Doorbell Mechanism
AGM 114 Hellfire “Strike” reimagines the iconic AGM-114 Hellfire missile, an emblematic symbol of American military might and known for its use in the Middle East against our declared enemies and often civilian casualties. This artwork investigates the conventional narrative surrounding this weapon by replacing its explosive warhead with a bowling ball, a quintessential symbol of American leisure and pastime rendering the missile “an American missile for the American home”
Suspended at an angle reminiscent of its aerial deployment, the sculpture invites contemplation on America's historical reliance on military interventions abroad and invites reflection on the notion of applying such force within its own borders. While the U.S. has missiles to inflict global might, there was a need for a missile to solve our issues domestically. inviting viewers to confront our use of force and the impact of reactive measures.
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