Power places each of us in a position of control or subordination to the events happening around us. My work takes interest in the global use of power whether it be in the form of male identity, political power, or the American dream, and how it influences individuals and groups around the world. In my varied use of sculpture, installation, and programmed electronics, power plays a role in how my work interacts with the viewer in relation to global issues within the installation setting.
My work uses a refined aesthetic combined with technical ability to alter the function and meaning of known objects significant to my research. Much of my work relies on the material used and the objects inherit meaning as a foundation to then later build on. In many cases these objects are then altered through the use of mechanical equipment such as engine hoists, motors, and pumps to change their original function or operation. This is executed in various ways in order to engage with my audience; my work calls on the viewers current or past actions in order to critique the use of power at play. 
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